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Welcome to 0870 Alternative Numbers

Welcome to 0870Alternative.com, your number one guide for 0870 and 0845 alternative numbers.

With more and more phone companies offering free calls and inclusive minutes, it is frustrating that many companies are now forcing the consumer down the route of national or local rate numbers that are chargeable.





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If you are still paying for 0870 numbers. Search for an alternative number using Google

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Here at 0870 Alternative Numbers we search for non geographic alternative numbers to save you money. This means rather than dialling an 0870 or an 0845 number you can dial an alternative number that will not cost you the world.



0870 alternative numbers and 0845 alternative numbers will usually begin with 020 or 01. This means that you can call them at a far cheaper rate or even free depending on your phone service and inclusive minutes.

So why spend your money calling an 0870 or 0845 numbers and being put on hold for half an hour, whilst everyone gets richer at your expense.

Searching our database is easy. All you have to do is enter the 0870 or 0845 number and click search. If we have the non geographic alternative number it will be displayed to you. You can also search by company name for 0870 & 0845 alternative numbers.

To build our database, we would appreciate it if you have any 0870 & 0845 alternative numbers, if you would submit them for publication.

Search for an 0870 & 0845 alternative number


This site is for use by UK residents. Use of this site is subject to Terms and Conditions. Here at 0870 Alternative Numbers we search for alternative numbers to save you money.

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We would like to thank all our supporters and visitors to this site. We know you could choose any other site and have chosen to visit this one. We would also like to say that if the trend was not for the telecoms companies to start offering 0870 and 0845 numbers for free, our intention was to implement a database solution with all the alternatives. If however, as we expect, most telecom providers follow suit over the next few months, this seemed like a wasted excercise. 

If the telecoms providers do not make 0870 and 0845 inclusive, you know what to do. Vote with your feet.

Dont forget you can get cashback for changing telephone suppliers by vistiting PaysYou.co.uk


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